June 30, 2017

The Most Important Safety Items For Haulage Workers}

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The Most Important Safety Items for Haulage Workers


Norman Dulwich

If you work for, or own, a logistics company, you’ll probably be quite aware of the various road safety issues. You might worry about the prospect of vehicle breakdowns, and you may also be concerned about the prospect of getting lost while navigating unfamiliar rural roads. However you will have a better chance of dealing with unexpected eventualities if you have possession of the essential safety items mentioned in this article.


You’ve probably heard horror stories about drivers who’ve ended up in ditches and streams after following the incorrect directions provided by their satellite navigation systems. However, millions of people make successful use of their GPS units on a daily basis. If you’re employed as a driver by a logistics company, there’s a fair chance you’ll be given a special truck route satnav, which provides information about height clearances and non-truck roads.

Tool Kit

Anybody working as a driver for a logistics company should learn as much as they can about vehicle maintenance. It would be worth finding out how to replace any punctured tyres and top up the levels of engine oil, at the very least. It would also be a good idea to purchase a specialist tool kit. Ideally this will include a flat-head screwdriver, hammer, wrench and pliers. You should also take a pair of jumper cables, in case you need to charge your vehicle battery in an emergency.

Food & Drink

It would be worth packing a decent supply of healthy food and drink, just in case you have to spend the night in your truck. You might even be tempted to keep some high-energy snack foods for a much-needed boost during unexpected evenings on the open road. If you’re making extended journeys during winter, it would be advisable to invest in a thermos flask, which you can refill at any roadside cafes or truck stops. You should also keep a good supply of drinking water to hand.


If you have the misfortune of breaking down in the middle of the night you’ll be glad of the light generated by a torch! You might use this essential item to identify any problems with the mechanical workings of your vehicle, and it might also be possible to cast the torch light as a means of signalling your exact position to potential rescuers.

First Aid Kit

You may receive first aid training while working for a logistics company. It is hoped that you won’t have to put your skills to the test, however it is advisable to pack a first aid kit in case of accidents. This should consist of basic items such as bandages, dressing, antiseptic lotion and an emergency foil blanket. You might use these items to treat other drivers who have been involved in accidents, and there is also a chance that you’ll require treatment for minor injuries sustained while making deliveries yourself.

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The Most Important Safety Items for Haulage Workers