September 9, 2017

When Video Surveillance Goes Too Far In The Workplace

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By Nahshon Roberts

The American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute in its 2007 Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey found out that most employers subject their employees to forms of electronic surveillance such as Internet usage, phone conversations and numbers dialed, as well as locations and activities through video surveillance.

New Trends

Depending on which side of the fence you are straddling on, the emergence of new forms of employee surveillance is either very propitious or very unfortunate. Today, employers monitor social networking sites and the blogosphere for employees who might be less than model employees. If you are an active member of both Internet spheres, be very careful about being a smart ass towards your employer, your boss and your co-workers.

With millions of anonymous blogs out there, you need not worry for now. What you need to worry about is when video surveillance in the workplace infringes on your constitutionally-protected right to privacy.

Does an Animal Like Employee Privacy Rights Exist?

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Unfortunately, employee privacy rights are virtually non-existent in the private sector as the abovementioned surveillance measures can tell you. There are two reasons for these:

* Your employers have the right to protect their office space and equipment, business documents and trade information, as well as prevent employee misbehavior, among others. In this case, employer security comes above employee privacy rights. Your employers have the option not to tell you about video surveillance though most employers would rather inform their employers as protection in the event of lawsuits.

* Your state government might not have strong employee privacy rights laws, if ever it does have one. The laws essentially allow electronic surveillance due to its explicit non-prohibition; most laws will protect your privacy only to the point when the reasonable expectation of privacy is complied with. In this case, video surveillance is not allowed in areas where employees can expect reasonable privacy to carry out personal matters like taking restroom breaks and changing clothes.

What You Can Do When Surveillance Invades Privacy

At the first instance of employment, you have to be informed of office policies regarding employee privacy rights. In the same survey, employers fired employees on the basis of violations of these policies in relation to Internet use, e-mail messages, phone usage and other employee misbehavior caught on video surveillance.

Fortunately for you, we live in a country where everybody’s voice has a chance to be heard in the courts of law. You can challenge your firings in court where judges and juries can take into account other factors in the termination of employment.

Even if you are still employed with the company, you can still file lawsuits when laws on the reasonable expectations of privacy are violated. For example, if you discovered that your employer had video cameras installed in the locker room and in the shower room, you have the right to complain because your personal space is being unnecessarily invaded. After all, what part of undressing and doing your ablutions constitute your violations of office policies? Regardless of the paranoia of employers, they do not have the right to violate fundamental privacy rights protected by our Constitution.

You can do your part in putting balance in an increasingly Big Brother environment. If you can do something about unnecessary and intrusive video surveillance, Internet monitoring and phone scrutiny, then do it lest you become another hapless victim.

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April 10, 2017

Advantages Of Printing Postcards For Marketing Activities

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Submitted by: Janice Jenkins

If you are a wise marketer or business owner, you know better than to underestimate postcards. With little effort, you can turn these humble printed items into a powerful part of your marketing strategy. Even with the emergence of new forms of marketing, old schools techniques such as postcard mailing is still very much effective in these digital age.

Traditional forms of advertising are often disregarded and excluded from many marketing plans. Those who do not take advantage of postcards do not understand that these simple printed materials can open a great opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers in a deeper level, which gives you a more friendly and accessible image. This strategy is great in increasing brand awareness that can eventually lead to improved sales. Here is a rundown of the benefits of using postcards for your marketing activities.

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Postcards are generally more inexpensive to produce than most other marketing materials. This gives you the chance to be creative and efficient on a smaller range before putting your money and effort in a full-scale marketing campaign. Whether you are targeting a specific geographical location or a particular type of customers, postcards can effectively help you achieve your goal in a cost-effective manner.

When you print postcards, the process is much simpler as well. From the designing stage to writing the copy up to the printing process, postcards does not demand so much time and effort, especially if you order from an online print shop. Templates are available from these online vendors, making it even more convenient for you to create your postcards.

Postcard mailing also does not require so much time and effort since postcards are easy to address and send out by mail. If you are using a standard postcard size, the mailing process can be hassle-free and less costly as well. Within days, you can expect your cards to reach the doorstep of your targeted audience.

Your business can take advantage of postcards in different ways. For one, you can use them as discount cards to boost sales activity. Or you may use the postcards to express your greetings during special occasions such as birthdays or even during the holidays. If there is an upcoming event your company is organizing, you may consider sending out the postcards as invitations or event passes for your loyal clients. The possibilities are almost limitless when you print postcards for your business. And since postcards do not need an envelope to be sent, it is practically impossible for the recipients not to read them right away upon receipt. This gives postcard marketing greater readability rate than other direct mailing pieces. When you send out postcards, you can be sure that your message is immediately read and understood, regardless whether your audience decides to keep the card or toss it away.

With postcards, the time, money and effort you put into designing and printing the pieces are all worth it. Indeed, postcard printing is an undertaking that can make a lot of difference for your business.

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