March 10, 2017

How To Make Homemade Carp Baits And Exploiting Irresistible Ingredients For Winter Fishing Success!}

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Submitted by: Tim F. Richardson

Winter carp fishing requires fresh very specific bait treatments and special preparations to maximise your chances of bites! By taking far more refined cold water bait approaches you can create many more bites than you might otherwise achieve using conventional readymade baits which work less well in cold conditions! There are many methods and substances to be exploited to catch more fish in the cold so revealed here are some irresistible examples!

Concentrated yeast powder.

Human grade yeast is most usually a very fine spray dried powder product and really provides an incredibly rich but subtle meaty taste and aroma that comes through in a very wide spectrum of bait recipes and bait formats. Many savoury baits and also sweet and fruity baits benefit from the feed triggering nutritional profile of yeast powders and concentrated yeast powders really make a big difference.

For instance when making baits not based on fish meals as these get more and more scarce you can exploit concentrated yeast powder with hydrolysed poultry protein, roasted peanut meal, keramine hydrolysed meat meal, or with maize protein meal. All offer really good protein yet concentrated yeast powder will offer a more powerful more stimulatory meaty aroma than many meat meals!

When sourcing samples of concentrated yeast powders focus on the more soluble products. It is a rich source of selenium, potassium, B vitamins and many other very valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Concentrated yeast powder is a natural product and as such you can use whatever levels you so desire in your boilie base mixes, pastes, method mixes, spod mixes, as pellet soaks and enhancers and so on.

Brewers yeast.

This ingredient is among the crop of the very best right from the early days of carp bait pioneering. The aroma and nutritional profile of this additive make it an irresistible attractor and nutritional food in an extremely wide range of bait applications. It is famous not just for its B vitamins but traces and minerals and has many properties fish instantly are attracted to. As an appetite stimulator it can be used in low levels or used at 10 percent in base mixes for example to boost nutritional value and palatability or at higher levels to make unique yeast orientated baits.

Kevin Maddocks and many others used forms of brewers yeast and brewers yeast based products such as Phillips Yeast Mixture or PYM, (a highly nutritional bird food supplement,) in the pioneering days before readymade boilies appeared on the modern exploding cult carp fishing scene. Brewers yeast is often used in ready made bait production as it is a very valuable but economical nutritional ingredient.

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Although it adds meat flavours and aromas to baits or liver or poultry or milk protein or other kinds of baits, it is great used in sweet, spicy, fishy, marine or other savoury baits etc. It enhances due to its relatively high glutamine content, and this amino acid happens to be a significant carp feeding trigger in its own right. Brewers yeast is often over looked today but it has certainly not lost its effectiveness and is a genuine edge! It is a highly successful ingredient for all year around use.

It comes into its own in cold conditions of winter and spring when carp digestive enzymes are often comparatively inactive. In cold conditions pre-digested and other highly digestible soluble substances (often with probiotic effects) score far better than many more commonly used ingredients and additives used for all year round baits not made specifically for winter fishing!

There is no limit to yeast powder inclusion level. Notably it improves bait digestion too and is excellent used in boilies, pastes, spod and method mixes and even in particle mixes and stick mixes etc! Liquid yeast, liquid liver, soluble liquid keramine and corn steep liquor are some liquid foods ideal for use with it in a wide range of bait applications.

Crunchy kelp meal.

Kelp is one of the most up and coming popular bait ingredients in use today. Kelp and seaweeds are regarded as a super food used for human nutrition. Crunchy kelp adds texture and crunch to improve bait performance in many applications from stick mixes to particle and spod mixes and boilie and method mixes and other ground baits of many forms etc.

Kelp adds invaluable palatability and nutritional stimulation enhancing other bait ingredients and additives significantly and raising energy levels in fish as its vitamin B12 is essential for the correct processing of energy rich fats in bait and improving digestion of bait when consumed; giving your baits that extra edge!

Kelp is very nutritionally rich in terms of vitamins and minerals that carp and other fish find irresistible. Use in boilie mixes at around 3 or 4 ounces per pound for a very unusual attractively coarse textured bait or blend with seaweed meal for a less coarse very easily-rolled bait!

Kelp complex is a liquid kelp type of range of products which are among the top carp stimulants; such is the power of amino acid and mineral rich ingredients and additives! These are not normally thought of as being high in protein but it is the essential building blocks of the body that carp crave most!

There are many things you can do with seaweeds besides put them in boilie recipes, and I recommend their use in paste and method mixes, ground baits, PVA bag uses, spod mixes etc using coarse and fine seaweed powders together.

Calcium Caseinate.

Calcium Caseinate is soluble lactic casein. This high quality, human food grade milk protein has crude protein content in excess of 96 percent and is another very popular ingredient for base mix inclusion where high nutritional value bait is required.

It has very many properties and functional characteristics that make it very successful in any bait from cheap carbohydrate 50:50 type mixes boosted with it to the most advanced balanced profile enzyme active prebiotic and probiotic baits etc.

It might be noted that both low protein baits and high protein baits work in winter but I prefer to make my winter baits designed with an alternative mindset. Traditional protein content is not actually very important at all to me although I do focus on optimised solubility, bait digestion, bioactivity and true internal potency and true feeding triggers and maximised attractants in optimised levels. However I definitely do not recommend carbohydrate base mixes for winter without additional boosting with nutritionally stimulating feeding trigger rich substances!

Inclusion levels require careful consideration as calcium caseinate is not only very water soluble but is also very light. Including 4 ounces per pound may be suitable if there is little other soluble ingredient in the mix and a reasonable amount of dense ingredients to ensure your baits sink and do not float. If this is not the case, lower levels are more practical unless you are making wafting or other forms of more buoyant baits. Calcium caseinate can be included in base mixes at up to 5 ounces per pound or more for higher quality protein baits and certainly it is excellent for use in higher protein hook baits (as has proven the case for decades!)

Egg Biscuit.

Egg biscuit is one of the major ingredients that carp bait companies and more experienced bait makers have relied upon for decades. Its invaluable nutritional contribution is backed-up by its stunning impacts within baits nutritionally and structurally. This product is richly attractive egg in crushed biscuit form and in terms of bait texture and over all bait performance it offers unparalleled performance within baits of extremely wide ranging styles and formulations.

It acts like a nutritional sponge that both carries and holds stimulating liquids within your baits and allows these to transfer directly into the water column with ease thus attracting fish very effectively. Very importantly egg biscuit assists in baits becoming hydrated by sucking water inside baits thus seriously improving bait performance and also digestion as a result. Egg biscuit might seem an unusual ingredient until you use it and experience its effects in your baits and on fish for the first time and then it will be a firm favourite!

Just one cold water tip of mine is this: you can soak egg biscuit in many substances before use. Simply crush the egg biscuit and add liquid Robin Red with added CC Moore Red Venom. You can use it direct in PVA bag type mixes, or ground baits, or as part of boilies or stick mixes but whatever you use it for it offers superb nutritional value and acts as a nutritional carrier which has the advantage of moving at different levels in the water layers particularly when oils such as hemp oil or fruit, spice or herb essential oils are included with the liquid foods suggested here!

I hope you found this article stimulating! I know for certain that your fish will find these tips when applied in real fishing enticing as these and many more have all worked for me over my 35 years of successfully catching cold water carp! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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