September 15, 2017

3 Questions To Consider When Decorating A Church For A Wedding

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By Gabriel Adams

Getting married in a church is quite different from marrying elsewhere. Your wedding will obviously have a religious ceremony and many of the proceedings will be carried out to your church’s standard practices. Although many people get married in churches, this does not mean your wedding cannot be original, quite the opposite. Elements of each church wedding will be different from the one preceding it and the one to follow. Having said that, one way you can make your wedding ceremony unique to you is through the decorations you choose. Before you begin shopping for decorations for your church wedding ceremony there are a few things you may wish to consider.

Is it allowed?

Most churches have a traditional view towards decorations and certain decor may not be allowed. You should always consult with the church, giving them and idea of what you plan to decorate the wedding ceremony with and get their opinion on any decorations before you go out and buy them. While many churches allow you to organise your own decorations for your wedding, some churches have their own staff to do this. If this is the case, they may prohibit you from bringing in your own decorations. Again, make sure you check with the church before going out and buying anything. This should help ensure that you don’t spend a lot of money on decorations that you end up not being able to use.

Is it necessary?

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Many churches, particularly (but not limited to) older churches are themselves quite ornate and may not need many decorations to create a great atmosphere for your wedding. Whereas some churches require sprucing up, you may find that a few simple flower arrangements or candles work wonders in others. Similarly if you are getting married near a holiday such as Easter or Christmas the church will more than likely have a lot of its own decorations on show. If this is the case you can often save yourself a lot of money by using the decorations already in the church and building your wedding ceremony around them. You may need to bring in very few decorations of your own to compliment those belonging to the church.

Is it suitable?

So you have a church in need of a little decorating and you are allowed to bring in your own decorations. What kinds of decorations are suitable for a church wedding ceremony? If you are getting married in a church then chances are you are having quite a traditional wedding, with a few elements of primness, even if you aren’t going all the way and having a very formal event. Flowers can make for a great atmosphere in a church, bouquets tied to pew ends go nicely with a few petals sprinkled down the aisle. Flowers can add a powerful aroma to your venue, adding to the ambience and complimenting the environment. If you are choosing to decorate with flowers then why not opt for a few larger arrangements rather than many smaller sets. Smaller arrangements tend to get lost in their surroundings, which can be a particular problem if your church is already quite ornamental. Aside from flowers, bows, ribbons, and candles can make for great church wedding decorations.

After you have asked yourself those three important questions you can begin to shop for decorations. Before you do so you may want to re-visit your church and make a note of areas that you could decorate, then brainstorm possibilities of how to do so. Take your time to consider the pros and cons of each possible decoration and you should reach a decision that will compliment the venue and your own personal style.

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