September 12, 2017

10 Tips To Kick Start Your Video Marketing Campaign}

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10 Tips To Kick Start Your Video Marketing Campaign


Melanie Kok

Marketing with video is a free marketing strategy. As with most free online marketing strategies, you can reap magnificent benefits and create hundreds of leads for your network marketing business without paying anything. That is, if you do a few things right and you make sure you are patient and consistent in your efforts to market your network marketing business.

Videos rank easier

Online video has great potential and is wide open for any diligent, hardworking and entrepreneurial marketer. If you start today, your efforts will produce visible results and benefit your bank account.

But be warned. To create leads for mlm with video marketing, you need to adhere to Googles regulations.

It is much easier to rank with videos compared to typical SEO ranking. It is much easier to rank high on a specific video for a keyword. Google ranks and evaluate videos before content. This marketing strategy, when done correctly, can produce mlm network marketing leads in a short time.

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Tips to get the basics right

Make sure you comply with these steps when you set up your video marketing campaign:

1) Have only one YouTube account on your service provider account. Every IP address should have only one Youtube account

2) Create your own Youtube profile and add your detail to your channel.

3) Use your Youtube channel to brand you as a leader. Provide value in your videos and leave the sales pitch off the recording

4) How to videos are very successful if you use them to help educate and train and show that you have value to the marketplace. Use a faint watermark of your website URL where people can explore your offerings if they are interested

5) Before you even make your first video do thorough keyword research for the keywords you would like to rank for

6) Make high quality videos to promote the keywords you are going after in your content marketing

7) Make sure the keyword features in the video title, video tags and description of the video. The description should be telling the visitor why they should listen to the video. What benefits will they get?

8) Create a group and create a playlist when you have uploaded more than one video. This will make it easier to find your videos when people are sorting for groups and playlists.

9) Do not spam your video description, title or tags with keywords to try to increase the ranking of your videos

10) Do not use any software that will automatically add friends, add comments and do video ratings automatically and do not upload any duplicate video content

Making sure you get the ground rules right from the start will expose your videos higher in the search results. This in turn will lead to more views and targeted mlm traffic to your website. And the best part… it is free.

Get video marketing training and training on other free marketing strategies if you want to explode your network marketing business.

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